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You should produce one of those films like Bob Dylan did, where he holds up the words on a piece of card and then throws them away. You could make it into a quicktime an post on the site.


Topic hungry?
How about Holiday shopping with your vehicle of choice. Fender-benders while in transit, imagined or not, would be illuminatory.
If not that, you've got 16 days to concoct a New Year's Resolution list. That's always a good place to unload venom, ennui, & this year's baggage.

Looking forward to your insights.


I know! Post about the wacky antics of your cat, or a sickly dog that needs attending, or your naughty children, or your forgetful wife, or your wicked boss, or your visits-too-long mother-in-law. Or how about a nice ramble on consumer culture and its gross evidence during the holidays? Or a reminiscence on your favorite high school teacher? That right there is at least a week of posts, all of which you're more than welcome to write, my treat.

Outer Life

Thanks for your ideas. However, I didn't write this post because I lacked ideas, I wrote it because I was frustrated with not being able to translate any of my ideas into post-worthy words. Come to think of it, my inability to write my current ideas may mean that I need better ideas. So, thanks for your ideas.


I may be a new reader, but I can already say that all of your words are post-worthy.

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