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I, squub

You've just defined very well the same issue I struggle with at times, about whether I'm doing the right thing by working my ass off at a regular white-collar job instead of whatever the alternative is. Except that I still don't actually have any money. Which sometimes makes justification of this rat race difficult.


Does your daughter wake you up in the morning with a kiss on the cheek and a muss of your hair?
Does your wife run her toes down the length of your leg and burst out a sigh each day before you leave the comfort of bed?
Does your auto "extraordinaire" start each morning, without hesitation?
Are there at least 2-3 conversations of substance while you're at work?

If you answered with a "Yes" to at least 2 of these q's, then you've making the right decisions all along.


Enjoyed your post every much. I think we are soulmates.


Silly me. I spelled "very" wrong. Meant to say that I enjoyed your post VERY much, not every much. Silly me.


Having done the "lots of money" thing and the "no money" thing, and currently residing in the "a bit of money but not as much as I would like" thing, I would have to say that I sorely miss the "lots of money" days. I have less money now but am more corporate!

And BTW - I like "every much" - an interesting phrase.

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