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Nasty business, this birthday stuff with the hoi-polloi. Bowl 'n bounce at age 4 gears up to elephant, donkey, & a drunk clown by age 10. Plan to bring your own pooper-scooper. I thought the pizza before noon could be viewed as an indoctrination tool for those future days of dorm life.


It pleases me that your offspring are terrible bowlers. Bowling is a horrible game, perhaps they will now learn to steer clear of it. Worse is the "disco bowling" that seems to be au so courant these days.


> "Ritual Run Amok"

Delightfully concise phrase-- you've beautifully labelled a pattern I've noticed globally but especially strongly about most of America's visible cultural scrabblings: that as part of the (relative) youth of the culture, there's a strong tendency to want to create one, a tendency to:
firstly, create novelty in a rather self-consciously artificial way;
secondly, homogenise these novel artificialities across as wide a cultural reach as possible;
thirdly, extrapolate those artificialities to excess as their novelty fades.

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