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While I admire your shaking off the shackles of mundanity (tv, computer games & spectator sports), I wonder how you get by with the office or party small talk, which, unfortunately, tend to use these three debilitating activities as their grist.
Or, have you embarked on creating your own society and small talk is one of the deadly sins within that society?


I would LOVE to see a world where small-talk of the pop-culture type didn't - even couldn't - exist.

I'm gonna go daydream about that one for awhile...


Diana: move to some remote parts of the Amazon. There's people there that have never heard of Britney Spears.


They may never have heard of Britney Spears, but they still wear Levis, desire Nike trainers and smoke Marlboro......

Good for you for cutting out all this stuff by the way. One thing though: I'm sure you don't mean to, but you do sound as though you feel just a teensy-weensy bit, well, superior to us poor saps who still watch tv and so on. Maybe you are right to, and we are all brain-dead morons, but each to their own, and all that.



Outer Life

You're right, looking back at it there is an unintended tinge of superiority in the post. I just tried to describe what's worked for me but, in the process, I suppose I implied that those who don't do what works for me are polluting their minds. That might be true, or it might not, I don't know. All I know is what worked for me.


I don't see the superiority in the post, not at all. I see someone who has been unshackled and freed from the mundane and immediate. This post could have been framed a wee bit better -- de-emphasizing what has been given up and stressing that which has been gained.

I, too, have been trying to clear my mind for many years. I've learned to love silence. This may sound easy, but my thoughts bounce around in silence. Noise and entertainment, in contrast, harnesses thought. Sometimes my mind takes paths that are marvelously creative and exciting -- other times I scare or disgust myself. I am more sensitive to "pastel" ideas and sensations, not merely the demanding, colorful ones. From the mountains of Arizona, I am finally far from the maddening crowd. I'll never come down.

I just discovered this blog today. What a treat!



I cut off a lot of the tv kind of stuff a while ago, because I started to notice that a night with a book made me feel relaxed and cheerful, while a night with tv or email made me cranky. Similarly, my depression turned out to be stimuli linked. If I "re-read" too much, I start to spiral downwards.

I discovered this blog today as well. Thanks Lazygal

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