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The Maximum Leader

Be careful! Plotting is surely afoot! Just be glad dueling is outlawed... It is outlawed where you live, isn't it?

Be on guard anyway.


How well I remember such hells. How do you do it? I remember office enemies, and I have learned that they are everywhere.

Imagine the day when you are free of such beings, the office scorpions. Fear the weak, not the strong.


Oh, how pleasant you make this hovel feel. There was some minor wrangling over office space when someone left two years ago, I just stood back, let things unfold and claimed the office I really wanted when the dust settled. It came complete with a working door and heat; and while many thought my furniture placement was impossible they've come to recognize my furniture genius.

Good luck in your skirmish, and be prepared for high jinks and mayhem!

*Beware* of the functionary. People like that can take real pleasure in stirring things up and playing to both sides, ya know?

Congrats on the nicer view. Sorry it also comes with a view of devious power-trippers.

I'm sorry you have an enemy--that is never a nice feeling. Your way of writing about this enemy gave me a good laugh. How insightful you are.


I hope enemy repeats 6th Grade. He has ADHD. Thank god he will get out of my life. I hope I can.

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