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I just thought you'd be interested in the fact that I am directly descended from Caligula, seed of the forbidden union between the Emperor and his sister, their divine love consumated during the Festival of Jupiter in the House of the Vestal Virgins. My mistake. Sorry.


My most famous ancester is Pocahontus, which is only of interest to me as I would like to track down a tribal affiliation, thus giving my white-as-snow child a better chance at a college scholarship. Man, I am a horrible person sometimes.

The Maximum Leader

I was once told by a professor of mine that: "I'd rather be a someone at the end of a long line of no ones; than a no one at the end of a long line of someones."

I've actually had occasion to use that line once or twice to terminate inane conversations. Feel free to use it yourself if you are inclined.


Isn't this just one of many, many things that people are under the impression will interest others (for instance, the name of your cat or the fact that you were bored at work today)? I am a closet genealogist, but always wondered why, for instance, somebody would think it better to have one's ancestors come over on an earlier boat rather than a later boat.

John Emerson

Despite your snark, I am very proud to be a direct descendant of Nathaniel and Alpheus Dumbleton Hiams, a father and son who worked on the Erie Canal.


So, what do you say to those of us who have infamous ancestors? I simply cringe when somebody notes facial similarities as well as a common surname.

I usually deny. Even my husband and kids don't know!

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