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dave s

obviously, you need another baby


I wish you could read the whole thing (maybe you're a subscriber), it's wonderful: Caring for your introvert, the habits and needs of a little understood group.


Outer Life

Amy, that's a fantastic article. Thanks for the lead. By the way, it's freely available at http://www.learningplaceonline.com/relationships/friends/caring-introvert.htm.


And here I thought I was the only one who did that. My husband always used to complain about my party skills, or the lack thereof. Then my son came along, and he was an extrovert from the get-go. My husband and I both used him. He was our little ambassador and made us look good. Now he's 12 and won't be seen with us. Fortunately, we don't go to parties anymore, either. So, there's your solution if you don't want another baby.

This Is Not A Love Story

lol, I used to do that all the time. I thought I was being so sneaky no one would possibly notice, and now I find out it's the oldest trick in the book. Damn!

Mrs. Peperium

I don't believe you.


Since childhood, I have been happiest watching other people have fun. My idea of heaven is to watch people I love play monopoly. My guess is if you actually allowed yourself to enjoy skulking, nobody would care that you were doing it. It's the self-consciousness that puts the inconvenient blinking neon arrow over your head.


This was a great entry. Thank you! Fantastic language and imagery, I was totally there with you. However, my human shields, 1.5 and 3 years old, still provide very powerful protection against the Gods of Small Talk.

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