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wow, and I thought I had it bad. do you go back after this? or are you unemployed?

Circle of Quiet

I'll have to print this out and put it in a folder for each February -- the month when my husband's teaching career is questioned. "There has to be a better job. Maybe the corporate jungle would be better. At least they get paid decently, right?" Now, I can hand him your post, and the piles of 8th grade papers will seem like a breeze.

Hang in there -- and keep on writing. We love reading your insight.



I hope you are paid a lot for your job, because that's truly a sickening story. I'm so sorry!


Geez, the Big Guy sounds like Larry Ellison. Guess the touchy-felly management style just doesn't work in certain businesses (or, over the long haul, probably not in ANY business setting). Fear, Scream 'n Ream, Hostility among the cohorts (and their cowardice). All these things linked together by the Big Buck. As you put it so well before, just taking a ht for the family. And then moving on. Re. the Big Guy: Are people born as assholes, or weened/driven into being one?

Alan Sullivan

Hmm. Is this just one of those fictional-sounding moments from real life? Or just fiction? I suppose we'll never know.

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