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Thank you for this post! I personally think that is is entirely possible to be respectful of a person of the opposite sex even though you may enjoy the thought of what they have beneath their clothing. I am a firm beleiver that this type of thinking is healthy as long as it is not acted upon, and as long as the mental acknowledgement of the "cave man/woman" appeal does not stop one from being able to talk to the brain enbodied in delicious flesh. I think the expectation that certain women tend to hold is unreasonable, unless they are asexual, an ideal that they would not desire in their personal lives. Believe me from personal experience... total respect for women, without any kind of objectafication, does not lead a man to want! Although something that women fought for, (I must agree that it would be nice if it was used in a less degradin way in the media) I would be surprised if any truly wanted the type of thinking expressed in your post to disappear. Please, cultivate it... let it grow...


You're not a creep, silly.

--Waterfall, Humans 2.0 specimen (heh ... Humans 2.0 ... I like that)


A deep Sigh....
I thought I was better than this, but my wings have melted and my trajectory earthward is short and steep. Your mention of fearing offending your blog readers about this blog entry was centered on those of the female persuasion. You assumed (rightly) that the other half are more than happy to wallow in the muck of comparative female anatomy. We are pigs, but ones of a very selective sort.
As regards your "bearing the indelible mark of the creep: a penis", stop over at http://www.carniola.org/theglory/2005/03/celebrating_wom.html. Aside from some questionable ice sculpture, you'll be introduced to the ancient Roman segment of art notable centered around the Penis (Capitalizing a small thing here). The fact not mentioned was that these art "treasures" were unearthed in Pompeii. So think about that for a bit. Penis centered sculptures; death by magma. Perhaps centering one's attention on the Final Four is a less dangerous path, from a man's viewpoint.


DarkoV is right. Phallocentric Roman society thought the penis was a symbol of good fortune. According to Anthony Blond, those ancient pervs employed over 300 words to describe this venerable organ. But that was them. Personally, I think you're a creep, welcome to the club.


1. Opinion: it seems to me that you're objectifying men, in this post, not women.
2. The reducing of women to body parts: see Petrarch for the original of the style, in his sonnets on Laura. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrarch
And I don't think he did it badly, either.


It seems like the gene people might be thinking with the little head again.


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