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Old man photo? Check. New Outer Life posts? Check.
Now life can get back to normal.

Good to see you back, I hope you had a good break.

A Circle of Quiet

Yes, I agree. Old man photo is the best. One of the short crowd that peeks over my shoulder while I type asked about the guy with the cigarette in the last photo. What is a mother to say?

Your Disney reflections will be printed out and put in The File. Our teens have caught our anti-Disney fever, but the younger set may still be vulnerable. I have my well-written defense now, though, and didn't even have to travel or write to get it. Thanks.

Welcome back.


Back in the ol' days when pot was recreational, not medicinal and "da posse" was "the gang", the gang went to Disneyland's on-steroids-brother, Disneyworld.
My conclusions:

1) I vowed never, ever to go there again, especially when I had kids.
2) If forced, under a child's duress, medicinal varieties of cannabis would have to be dispersed in massive quantitities.
3) Mickey Mouse. He would have to be offed. Goofy can live.

Welcome back. I understand now why 2 weeks off were necessary. Mental prep for your Disneyland voyage. Mental triage from your Disneyalnd voyage.


Welcome back, I'm sorry you had to survive the cattle torture. We only went to DW once when I was a kid, and knowing it's something to experience, I'll probably take my kids (if I ever have any) once. You are a brave soul to make such an annual visit.


When the boys were little, we lived 30 minutes from Disneyland in Annaheim. I loved it when visitors came to call. Of course, they wanted to go to Disneyland.... Take my children, please! I am sick and, I am sorry to say, cannot accompany you. However, there will be plenty of treats awaiting your return!
It was always the same story, little people with mouse ears acock, emerging from the minivan, asleep but still grumpy. Put to bed immediately. Let the party begin!


Okay, that was a particularly inspired post. Bravo. I laughed, I cried. I imagined myself stuck in line for Star Tours.

Lynn S

Great post! I've never been to either Disney park but I've been to other theme parks. Ironically, they're more fun without the kids. At first we looked forward to "doing something special with the kids" but they always seemed to spend 90 percent of the time whining about something. BTW, I linked to those pictures too.


Welcome back! Great post. I once got stuck on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney world. The "boats" got stuck, actually. We sat in there for a couple of hours, listening to the cacophony of "It's A Small World" + babies crying + adults grumbling.

Funny, and I actually liked that song before that experience ...


You're hilarious. Glad you're back.


Hey, now... I'm going to be the lone dissenter here!

I grew up in Torrance, about 30 minutes from Anaheim, and so I went to D-land many, many times in my childhood. What I love about it now is that I can mentally switch back to the way I experienced it back then. I thought it was magic that we'd enter the Pirates ride in the daylight and it would become night. (That made me anxious, though, because we always left at night.) Then it would become day again upon exit. And I thought I had a personal relationship with the pirate who sits on the bridge that your boat passes under. I'm still not 100% sure that I don't. I always look up at him, just as I did as a child, every time I pass underneath him. I thought the gunfight was real, and felt lucky to emerge unscathed every time.

How can you not love a place that you can see with two sets of eyes like that?

Oh, and one of THE best kisses I've ever gotten was an illicit one by Sleeping Beauty's castle at the age of 17. I still get shivers when I stand in that spot. :)

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