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I believe you were Party carpooling (partypooling?) with the designated "When I'm old I don't want to be like him" guy. Good thing that you peeled away from him before the infection started. A half hour more or so and it was his party-invite duty to jump into that pool you were skirting around. You wouldn't want to be showered by his lame cannonball. That's his new status; the old party cool gig. He's the Barnum at today's Cirque de Soleil.


Did you roll down the window when you puked on the way home? What a loser! Cool? Not in my book. More like over-the-hill hipster wannabe.


Allthose multi-zippered pants are currently on sale at my local discount clothing store.

R J Keefe

Pathetic people can be dangerous.


I'm sorry, I think you have such a talent, but when I come back here (almost every other day) it is beginning to be a downer. Specifically, why were you wasting your time at such a place?

If you remember an earlier response I gave, this is more of the prison wall description. Misery loves company, as they say, and this kind of thing drags others down into more misery. You see, what you are doing is circling the negative and ignoring the positive, or the forward motion, which risks the reader to go away. I am not saying everything is to be rosy all the time, but think of a play: of course a few characters are to be villains, and arguments will abound, but remember what a mentor told me once, and I believe it to this day: "If it doesn't inspire, it's garbage."

All your writing is doing is pulling me down into a spiral of a wasted life. Show me the gold.



poor guy


What I love is the juxtaposition of identifying with your insights and private thoughts about a culture more foreign and exotic to me than Switzerland was to Mrs. Nungazer's Fourth Grade Class. If you think you're unhip, try hick! Juicy juicy! (I'm new to your site via Portifex, and you're the first non-friend's blog that I now read regularly, meaning my second blog ever. Cheeky picture, P.G.!)


well. your writing certainly is not pulling ME into »a spiral of a wasted life«!
(i believe i'm perfectly capable of doing that all by myself anyway.)


I couldn't agree less with "D"--I don't think this entry was a downer. I loved it. Insightful as usual, but also particularly well crafted (I especially like the different descriptions of "the edge"). Besides, inspiration is where you find it--it isn't always in positive happy things like puppies and rainbows. Some of my best inspirations have come at the darkest moments of my life.

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