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Lunch? Served cold, I assume.


I've actually experienced this myself, although my reaction wasn't as tactful as yours. I asked him if he was having any problems at home, because talking about them might make him feel better. It was met with a long uncomfortable silence, followed by an enraged table sweep and dramatic exit.


I think "You got served" would also fit nicely in there somewhere.


Ah, I needed this. You always seem to come up with these just about the time of my scheduled monthly reaming and sure enough, it's tomorrow. Yours in employment!


Holy moly, I can't even begin to imagine what it is that you actually *do* for employment, despite your cleverly crafted stories which no doubt contain a plethora of hints that I'm too thick to pick up on. But this sounds awful. I flinch for you.

Beautifully written piece, though, as always.( I especially liked "He lets out a huge sigh, a desperate plea to the table, a prehistoric non-verbal hominidic sign meaning something like 'can you believe this guy?'")


I'm glad that you managed to turn a horror show into something that is just a tad delightful.

I feel bad for all the griping I did about the administrators at my old school now.

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