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R J Keefe

Isn't gossip fun? So generous, so thoughtful.

Tenting is a major plot device in Paul Bartel's acerbic and very nosy comedy, "Scenes of the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills."


That third type of termite, the cubicle termite, seemed just as nasty as the ones eating you out of house and home, maybe worse. While the dry wood termites and the subterranean ones ganged up to chew some wood, the office termites preferred to munch on your family, on your soul. Any plan on tenting them once the home front is re-constructed?


Bonus! A very similar situation happened to me and my fiance once. We denied and denied until someone offered us a free place to work things out. We spent the weekend working out alright, and laughing at how the rumor mill gave us such an unexpected gift. Makes you wonder how many times you can play the same card.


I hope you realize that the beach house has termites also. It needs to be tented too, did the Big Guy tell you that part?

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