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You should have asked the Invisible Man about those embarrassing moments when people throw castor sugar at him so that his powdered outline becomes visible. A missed opportunity, I feel, to pop a crucial question.

R J Keefe

Lisa to Jeff: "You're beginning to scare me."


Outer Life the next time you happen to have a conversation with the invisible man would you let him know that he has the ability to ‘shield’ himself from the emotional drain that others have upon him.
It’s only a matter of awareness of personal space. Tell him to envision an armor or shield about his person, whenever he is visible.

He can also use a technique of calling back his energy. At the end of the day just as he is about to drift off to sleep, suggest to him that he relax and mentally call back the energy that he has sent out to others. This energy he has sent out might have been in the form of direct or indirect contact. All the same, just have him envision the energy he has expounded returning to himself.
IF he is around any children, they have a peculiar way of draining our energy, sometimes it’s in the form of constant questions, or how we are moment by moment
teaching them, it still is a form of a drain.

There is one further technique called ‘cord cutting’. Suggest to him that again at the end of the day, he mentally thinks of a large pair of special scissors.
All the cords or attachments to those he has come across that day are then cut.
To the important folks in his life, those cords of attachment will remain, but to others who were a negative drain on himself, those cords of attachment
will then be cut.

I also have the feeling that just perhaps the invisible man might have a bit of empathic ability.
Perceptive to the emotions of others.
but come to think of it, maybe that’s a bit too much information for one conversation.

Save that for another day. :)


Stevenesque, I would think the powered sugar thing would never happen cause who'll be crazy enough to sling powered sugar everywhere in the off chance he might connect with some invisible thing. And does an invisible man have mass and form while invisible? I would think I could walk though him without awareness. A bit of a sticky question.

About self-consciousness so big it can be seen from outer space. Wouldn't that make one invisible? So big that like the atmosphere, everyone is immersed completely inside and since the pressure comes from every direction equally , we know not it's there. Its only when it undergoes an immense change, mild or violent, a spring breeze that re-parts our hair or a tornado that tears our limbs asunder, do we know that something thin and tenuous is really there.


outer life..........the next time you happen to have a conversation with the invisible man ask him to prepare a manual to become invisible............

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