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R J Keefe

Can one whisper "bravo," so as not to clash with such quiet excellence? This entry consists of nothing but best parts.


And, if I may be so coarse, it is a great shame that OL did not get his sweaty young hands on Lauren's "best parts". Still, a simple awkward kiss is usually the best part of teenage romance.


Outstanding writing for a moving story, thanks.


Fantastic job of capturing the entire feel of such an event, all of it--the scared, joyous feelings as you get closer, the dealing with parents, the sick feelings of loss. Masterful. Few people remember all the details that well, and far fewer of those can relate them.


a poignant and profoundly beautiful walk on holy ground.

simply, thank you.



I think we have all fallen for "lauren" by other names, in other places, but with similar moments/results/parental misunderstanding of that which is essential "teenager"

the detail here is so clear, it brings to mind that old illogical but true adage of writing that "the more specific one is, the more universal one can become"

also, from a craft note, I love the fact that her name only appears as the title of the post..nice..

I add my applause to the other commenters..


Lately you have really upped the ante here.

Fantastic stuff.


Beautiful and sweet. It brings back memories of my teenage years, there were at least a couple encounters with girls that resembled this. Sad, poignant, and very well done.


Stupid ignorant parents.

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