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YOu did good. :-)


Perry Ellis has a very reasonably priced ranged of "modern fit", stylishly striped shirts featuring french cuffs. You can remove the cuff buttons and replace them with cufflinks, enabling we office fashion plates to be both trendy and traditional at the same time. Also, cufflinks make a satisfyingly loud and commanding noise when tapped against the table during meetings. Essential.

Girl Detective

Should your wife ever tire of either shopping for you or your standards, I encourage you to try the services of a personal shopper at a local department store. They work for you, there is no charge for the service, and it's very efficient. It sounds extravagant, but it's actually practical, and has saved some arguments between my husband and me over the years.


You're one of the lucky ones, when I go looking for clothes my wife always makes an excuse to go somewhere else, then when asked her opinion or for some help she quips "You have good taste ..."

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