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R J Keefe

A superb entry.

It's interesting that the realization that you were who you were and wouldn't be anybody else seems to have taken you straight into being someone very hard for you to get to know. An interesting puzzle!


You're in good company:


I believe my first real story was entitled, "The Impossible Search for Oxygen", so silly sci fi tale. I even illustrated it myself. I am still recovering from the negative reviews from my elementary school newspaper. Damn critics.

Alan Sullivan

The writing is a stress reliever, like the massage. Maybe you were less stressed during those 25 years, though you probably didn't think so at the time.


As you well know, you can't go home again. I think this is part of the deal you make with your imagination. Fantasy is a one way ticket to elsewhere.


...taking up from where Stephenesque started. If Texas was never a physical home to begin with, is going there really going back? Sure, Texas was your state of mind but California was your state of physicality. So, mental Texas is always a return possibility since you've been carrying it around with you most of your life, right? I'd say fantasy is an eternal round trip ticket.


Another great and well crafted entry. Zing! I especially love "I've always been a scatter-brained enthusiast, a serial immerser who dives into one enthusiasm only to completely discard it for another." I feel the same way sometimes, and also feel like I've been coming back around to the writer self I left behind in my teens. Interesting.

Lynn S

Everyone secretly wishes to be a Texan. ;-)


Lovely. Honest. Thank you.

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