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If you are going on vacation then you probably ought to be reading a map instead of all those clunky novels. You don't want to get lost in foreign lands and never find your way back to Shady Glen.


I wrote on a similar topic a few days ago, but you have said it so much more eloquently. Thanks again for sharing yourself with your OL readers.

Enjoy your vacation!

(P.S. I haven't read most of the books in your list, but I did read Saunders's Pastoralia and thoroughly enjoyed it.)

R J Keefe

Enjoy your vacation! But don't start with Henry James. You've chosen a beautiful novel that requires the keenest attention. If you can, read it aloud; it will make more sense.

The Bakers are both great. "The Fermata" is one of the best jokes in literature. Saunders is great, too, but really disturbing in extended quantities.

Once again, get a good rest!


Interesting. You have three I-hated-thems, three I-loved-thems and three I-somehow-never-quite-got-round-to-thems. It would be a brave man now who would predict how you will judge me, and I you, on your return from vacation.

Incidentally, I agree that there are few things worse than having one's pride and joy - be it a book, a band, a piece of music, a work of art - stolen by someone who then presumes to love it more than you did. It is, however, a risk we run every time we recommend Outer Life to our friends...

Vacate well.


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You express the thoughts I have about books better than I am able to. That being said, I would vouch for Last Exit to Brooklyn but in case you don't like it I won't.


I understand your sentiments. I feel hurt and slighted if I recommend a book that is near and dear to my heart, and the recipient does not feel the same as I do, or horror of horrors, hates the book completely.

I've only read Auster's 'New York Trilogy' from your list, which I will, with complete abandon, recommend wholeheartedly.


I like reading the Harry Potter books. Harry Potter is my friend.

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