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R J Keefe

Are we talking Langer's here? Just Googling. I'm reminded of a great deli in Houston - the late, lamented Alfred's.

Genius and humility, however, are indeed the principal ingredients in all satisfying but uncomplicated dishes.


Just as you take the ordinary events of life and present them in a most unique and satisfying way.

Tiny Coconut

I MUST KNOW! What restaurant? Where? I love pastrami! Shit, I love all food; who'm I trying to kid?

Must know. Must, must, must.




I am curious about the location of this place, as I am drawn to good food like a shark to chum (one of the nice side effects of my own personal extreme levels of physical activity is that it must be supported by equally extreme eating!!) but on the other hand, I hope he does not reveal location of said place, as if he did say, oh this is about such-and-such, then I will know that mr Outer life lives in Texas, or Ohio, or California, etc etc...

and part of the charm of this writing, is that he could be anywhere, he could live a mile from me and I'd never know it..... its a comment on modern life that so much of what he talks about is all over the place.....

I think I have been to this restaraunt too, but I am sure that its not the same place, since my particular favorite place serves mexican, and EVERYTHING I have ever tried there makes my toes curl with delight.... i don't even really like mexican food at all, but when a place is outstanding, it transcends any barriers that taste-buds erect..


Mr. OL, I thought you were on the West Coast? The restaurant has to be Harold's in New Jersey. Piles and piles of pastrami on rye.

Little write-up is here:


Bring your own Pepto.

Girl Detective

Hmm. I think Mr. Outer Life lives in a suburb of Chicago. Funny, how we all have it different, but I could swear you've noted it before.

You should write about food more often. This was lovely.

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