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Personally, I kind of enjoy hanging out with somebody who's not conversationally demanding. If you think about it, most people spend their entire day socializing - networking/communicating at the office, or running errands, taking care of the kids - I mean, the last thing we want to do after a long day is chat it up with someone.


I think, rather, one day you will walk into a schoolroom filled with celebrity parents, to a sudden hush: "is that him?" they'll ask.. "is that Outer?"

Phil Fleming

Hey, guy. Most of us are "esteem-starved fragile psyches wracked with self-doubt", though we'd never admit it in a blog or elsewhere. What is this celeb thing that's got you so bend out of shape? Drive up/over to USC for the afternoon and run into a half dozen Nobelists who've actually actually changed our world. That will give you some perspective on an sit-com actor whose agent has got him a a sweet 26 episode deal at Fox/Sony. Who really cares?
Look at what you've accomplished--not the stuff that gets into Hollywood Reporter. Let celebs be celebs and have their fishtank lives.

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