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I've never gotten the insufficient funds message (though, like you, I'm no stranger to having insufficient funds), but I've gotten the 'Credit/Debit Card Denial'. That's almost as bad. Standing in line at the cash register, people in line looking at you obviously thinking "What kind of jackass doesn't have the $1.69 to pay for his soda?" Only to find out later the card had expired or hadn't been activated.

R J Keefe

"Cube culture" - did you make that up?

Not "another" fantastic entry - that would suggest a cornucopia. But, boy, fantastic!


Great essay - I love the way you tell a story!

And this is yet another example of why I'm sooo happy I have overdraft protection.

Oh yeah, I hope you can kick that drug habit. Addiction is a terrible thing.

Thane Plambeck


I can't get any ATM to cough up more than $300 here in northern California. Another LA innovation, perhaps. Then again, I haven't tested breaking the $300 barrier recently. I'll try again.

I remember taking $5 out of ATM machines in Nebraska, ca 1980. It felt like a lot of money at the time.

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