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Rather like coming across the gravestone with your name written upon it. The biographical horror is actually a nice update for that old spine-tingling tale. I expect a 1000 word proposal by lunchtime.

R J Keefe

Well, you do call your site "Outer Life." That's not going to have a lot to do with the inner.

To put it another way, your blog is more meaningful than a factual biography would be.

However, for those of us who are a wee bit curious about how you got to "be this way"...


I read this as a dream about confronting and accepting your decisions (from which toothpaste to use to which woman to marry), and the acknowledgment that even with the cumbersome sum of those decisions, you're free.

...At least, such is the message I'm "deciding" to take away.

Thank you,


I wasn't surprised that the biographer turned out to be you. His thoroughness was the clue.

Your mind is obviously not going to stop working overtime until some new understanding about the examined life and the integration of memory manages to birth itself out of conscious struggle and the murky depths of dreams. Biographer, dreamer, and the text of those memories seem to be disparate threads of the same self that want weaving together. It will be the dreamer, not the biographer, that can do this.

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