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I was sure it was going to be the gardener.

R J Keefe

Everything about this story is appalling, except the telling.


I positively hate trifling, assinine, jerks like this guys neighbors. People that will do things just to irritate you, passive-aggressively escalate the situation for weeks on end, then when you're marching towards them with a shotgun in your hands they'll proclaim their innocence until they're blue in the face.

Like see? I'm all jumpy and shit now just from reading the damn story. Assholes!


I have neighbors across the back alley who put their bags (obviously a different color) in with ours. What's REALLY stupid is the city doesn't charge extra for extra garbage, so... it's a waste of time, other than the fact they can barely cram their truckloads of garbage into the space inbetween their fence and the street.

Tiny Coconut

Oh, please tell me this is word-for-word true, all the way to the ending. Because I love it. Every second of it.

And I hope he comes up with something REALLY GREAT to get him back.


As always, this is well-crafted prose from one of the most gifted writers on the web.

How to elevate the banal? Write it exquisitely true.


There will have to be a sequel.


The last time I had this same feeling after reading this story was back in the ol' college days. A local chef, unbeknowst to us as being a sadist of the first order, had invited us down to his eating establishment for a demonstration of a newly acquired cooking technique.
He put a live rabbit in a huge pot of cool water. He turned on the heat. The hare had no clue as how to react as the water warmed up. My buddies and I, pansies all, left when we saw the first heat bubbles. The chef? He watched the bunny boil.

That garbage vendetta? You're turning up the heat with a deliciously sly smile, aren't you?


This is the sort of thing John Updike wishes he could write, except it's not fiction. (Except, of course, I assume that you couldn't remember the dialogue word for word.) Great job.


This story is so great, I don't care if it's true or not.

Well done. Very.

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