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R J Keefe

You are a grand dad!


Or maybe, when the time comes, you could say that if little specks on specks on millions of specks like us can even remotely conceive of something so inconceivable, then perhaps in the limitless expanse of galaxies there are other little specks somewhere conceiving of the very same thing. Perhaps even, in the far future, those specks might by chance or technology or even wishful thinking, connect. From barely something to barely something. Imagine the possibilities.

(And that from someone who, only twenty years ago, would have thought that such a thing as the internet was the stuff of science fiction.)

The Artist Formerly Known As Quicquid



Check this out ... together or separately. It goes from way way out in the solar system, to our system, to Florida, to a tree, leaf and into the molecular system of the leaf. Quite amazing. Thanks for your always interesting posts. Ta. M!



How peculiar. I'm sitting right next to one of those little painted boxes, made by my 3rd grader.

An interesting constellation of posts--the breasts, the universe in the box and the child, the car. Men. So simple, so complicated.

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