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After reading your post, I've decided that I may be missing out on something really fundamental, too. A Blackberry.

God knows how many Airbonne parties, Partylite Candle parties, Jewelry parties, Over-Priced Basket parties, Cooking-Paraphernalia-You-Don't-Need parties and whatnot I've unsociably skipped. I don't give this much thought, but I haven't got the Daddy & Me email list to rub in the fact that I'm missing out, either.

If you haven't read "Caring for Your Introvert" by John Rauch, you might enjoy it: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200303/rauch.


What kind of compound hell is Shady Glen? Back East Sunday mornings are reserved for scalding coffee, no sugar no cream, and the 2 lb. dead tree aka NYT. Communing with guys on the last day of a weekend? Please, pull out a drum and intone deeply.
Mr. O.L., your Shady Glen stories are amounting to a Cal version of Dante's little diatribe, only with nicer furnishings and climate control.

I'm being sophomoric here, but your description of the clique/un-clique groupings immediately calle dto mind the Animal House scene where at one milquetoast fraternity initiation party a main character is looked over and is immeditely shunted over to the Sargasso Sea couch, where he joins the other non-Aryan potential pledges. A sad state of affairs and the Blackberry wasn't around yet to shield them from the exclusion. Hey, those guys were probably the ones who invented the Blackberry! Wonder if they're now not letting Niedermeyer into their clique?


So glad you are writing again. I am just wondering what would get you to increase your output? Since I'm not paying for them though, I suppose I'll just take what I is willingly offered, and enjoy.

DarkoV----I am laughing! Niedemeier became President, didn't he?


No, unfortunately for Niedermeyer, he was shot by his own men in Vietnam (according to the blurbs at the end of the movie).

Niedermeyer, or at least the way it was pronounced in the movie, is a great name. Whenever the NJ Devils played. Hold on, now it's whenever the Anaheim (previously Mighty) Ducks played and two of their players (the Brothers Niedermeyer) handled the puck, I'd turn to my son and snidely spit out, "Neeeedermyyyyer"!. It is something he's getting tired of hearing.

R J Keefe

For God's sake, just go on one of those jaunts. That ought to set you straight.


A wood in a world of magnets - now I am assured my introversion is not just an idiosyncrasy. Looking forward to future posts. :)


Re the material things and the cliques:

"And this too shall pass"

You have your family. Thank God you are loved and someone to love. That's what I do.

I work for a large company in a high-rise building. I am certainly known to my coworkers as an eccentric introvert. This is made worse past few years because I am losing my hearing ability (from the genes, alas) and am too vain and too cheap to get hearing aids. So more than ever I prefer to be left the hell alone at work and do my job.

I mockingly refer to my bewildered coworkers as the "beautiful people". They have never made poor choices, messed up their credit, or sat up all night pondering an existential crisis. They have a late model SUV and recently upsized to a McMansion. I feel my presence in their midst is an annoyance to them -- like being in high school all over again.

Too hell with 'em, I say. They don't know what I lived through growing up, or how my brain is wired, or how I often struggle to understand the gossip the more high-pitched among them quietly intone in my office without my having solicited it.

I love my 15 year old blazer and my rented rooms, because my beautiful wife and 4 rambunctious kids are there waiting for me every night. What more do I need?

Derek Lowe

I can't help but think that if you're the sort of person who would read a classic novel on a Blackberry, you're also the kind of person who would be bored past endurance by more than fifteen minutes of some of these get-togethers. A good poker game might be more feasible - fun, a guy thing to do with other guys, but with some mental effort involved and with some time for non-idiotic conversation.

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