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R J Keefe

This is really brilliant. I realize that you were handed the story by narcissists. But you ran a touchdown with it.

I don't believe you. It sounds too made up.


Once again, I bow to your genius. GENIUS, I TELL YOU!!


A well-written piece, sir, but I am a little surprised at your take on the Couple. Is this your first experience of a contest of wills between an imperious, envious HOA board and a homeowner determined to see his vision realized in an architectural work of art? Surely you understand the agenda of the typical board member: someone without the taste or the money or the brains to compete with people like the Couple, so they take it as their mission in life to obstruct. If YOU elect such people to the board and do not restrain their pettiness, I think you deserve to pay for their malfeasance. Don’t you understand why it became necessary for the Couple to celebrate their victory over the philistines in the way they did?


How absurd, indeed! That the community is named Shady Glen is almost a temptation to suspend belief. Thank you for such a wonderful read. Cheers!


Whether made up or not, the story surely contains the pure, distilled essence of truth, which is absolutely all that is required.


Ditto on Mr. Stephenesque's comment. What's always enjoyable about your stories is an overall attitude of not suffering fools gladly, whether they be kings & queens or dregs.
Or even yourself.
Your ability to hover and detach without being cold and distant is remarkable.

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