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Exit, pursued by a Bear

Somehow I can't bring myself to feel sorry for you. Thanks to corporate and individual greed, the jobs and homes of many thousands of hardworking people all around the globe are disappearing - and from the poorest, the food on their table as well. It was a proud claim of the Americans that "Socialism doesn't work", and the free-market econony was trumpeted from the very rooftops. Now we are clearly being shown that capitalism is a poisoned chalice. "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need" is a tenet of the UK's socialist outlook. So perhaps you should get off your whiny ass, stop feeling so sorry for yourself and go out and help those in your community in real need. That might make those blinkers adorned with big dollar signs fall from your eyes. Money is like manure; it only works when you spread it around the roots. Think yourself lucky you still have a home, a job to moan about and food to feed your family with. Many in this world don't.


Whining is one thing conspicuously missing from this entry. "Day-dreaming" might be more like it; but, in any case, VX is coolly weighing and considering the possibilities. I'd like to see him start up a small business with the simple goal of doing something useful while employing as many people as possible.


Not one of my favorite posts...only because it lacks your usual depth.

Brian Clark

The tax rate on those with higher incomes, except for a small blip, has been falling for decades, and those folks have gotten much wealthier on the whole than those in lower income brackets because they don't have to spend every penny they make just to survive like the vast majority of American families. Go Google the numbers, for Pete's sake. Those with higher incomes can save because they make more money than it requires just for mere survival. They can invest because they have more money than they need, and thus those families continue to become even wealthier.
Why don't the wealthier of our citizens have to pay Social Security tax on income that exceeds $102,000? I bet that when they retire few of them are turning down or donating to charity the SSI checks that they get but they don't really need just to be able to survive. Is it fair that someone working at Burger King has to pay out 6%+ of his measley check for SSI before he even gets it while someone making a million bucks a year has nothing deducted out of $900,000 of his income for SSI?
The fact that you can even begin to complain about your tax burden shows how out of touch you are with most people's financial situations. What you make in one year, after taxes, is enough for a large segment of the population to live off of for the rest of their lives at their current standard of living.
As for your professor friend's lifestyle, I suspect that he puts in many hours of work that you don't notice. I am a public school teacher. I put in a long day, have to do more work after I get home at night, work at least two weekends a month, spend thousands of dollars out of my pocket, and have to commit hundreds of hours of my time during the year (especially during the summer) to pay for classes so that I can move into higher-paying positions on my school district's pay scale. A three month summer vacation? Yeah, right.


I love the jealous comments. Where were all you when the people who are making money were working 100 weeks and studying and planning for the future. There are no "fortunate rich" or at least very few. Those who did it did it by good choices, hard work and intelligence and if you didn't want to do this it is a choice you made. Those who bitch about the rich and then vote themselves entitlements will then turn around in confusion and bitch when they are unemployed as they bite the hand that feeds them.

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