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Walter Biggins

Welcome back. I'm so sorry to hear about the ending of your marriage--I went through a divorce earlier this year, and I know how difficult that struggle is but also how much bearing that process has on one's physical health. I wish you well in your search for today, in all its permutations, and hope that part of that journey finds its way on to this blog.


The previous commenter pretty much wrote was I was going to write. I, too, am sorry about your marriage ending, and I, too, hope part of your journey makes it to this blog. I've missed your stories and your insights.


Excuses, excuses, just write already! Sheesh.
(You were missed.)


I wish you all the best in your new journey and am glad to see you writing here again.

George Collins

I just want to add my voice of support and reiterate the points made by the previous comments. Welcome back.

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